• Who are ElementC

    Based in Cape Town, ElementC emerged into the security technology arena during the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020, offering a market, in chaos, an independent technologies consultancy with high-level support services and integration software development capabilities.

    ElementC is a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor

  • Our Street Cred

    Our roots in the security technology sector extend as far back as 2003 across varying faculties of operations and management. From installation and support engineers in the field, to certified project managers and software development, to top tier management, our success stems from our first hand experience of all business levels within organisations in the security technology industry.

  • Our Superhero's

    With the help and guidance of our visionary investors, Acorn Black Investments holds a minority stake in ElementC and has a representative on the Board of Directors who takes an active interest in the strategic direction of the business.

What we're known for

Problems we solve

Complex Problem Solving
No job is too big, no job is too small, we can do them all
Custom Development
We’ve got some very clever guys who build cool systems
Security System Design
We’re pretty good at designing too
Project Management
We can help with your project management requirements

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Our Products

Sticky Stuff

Image module
A flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications and services. Its rich set of plugins provide bidirectional connectivity from your access control system to a wide range of data sources, pro-active monitoring of hardware and software states, task automation, parking management and much more!
Plugins Available
Visitor Access Management
Image module
An on-premise visitor and contractor access management solution designed to be fully integrated and complimentary to the technologies securing the estate. Efficient with highly flexible configurability and an easy-to-use platform, HELLO enhances security and safety protocols while creating a positive and convenient experience for residents to effortlessly invite their visitors.
Visitors Processed
Freight Access Management
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A custom freight management solution that incorporates a cargo booking system with full integration to perimeter security technologies to manage access to the site and in turn the cargo being delivered or removed from site.
Containers Processed

meet the team

This is us

Zulmira Ferraz


Hands-on technical experience with market leading security solutions, dealing directly with manufacturers at high level tier.

Certified Project Management and Business Analysis, assisting clients transitioning through the various stages of solution implementation.

Experienced in dev and operations management and product design.



All-round technical experience with market-leading security solutions and a keen interest in new technology trends. Self-taught technician turned self-taught senior developer, responsible for the development of numerous thriving enterprise security solutions.

Formidable ability to adapt solutions to a multitude of technologies and varying business requirements.

Chris Horn

Senior Developer

Hands-on approach and a “heavy lifter” with an in-depth understanding of solution architecture and deployment.

Worked his way through the ranks from technician to management and software development, focusing on enterprise and integrated solutions.

High-level understanding of both hardware and software technologies with an ability to bring the two together seamlessly.

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